Established in 2018, Achiko is a platform company, with a presence in Indonesia and Switzerland, which owns and operates technologies globally that Enable consumers to Pay, offers consumers Things to Do, and provides Reasons to Stay through a range of engaging social features. Social and gaming features will be added to the platform beginning in Q3 and Q4 of 2020.


By refining its technology and operations stack in Indonesia first with subsequent expansion to other countries, the company then aims to deliver services across a range of industry verticals such as Game Payments, Buy Now / Pay Later, ECommerce Services and others directly and indirectly.


Its product profile includes:


AchikoPay: Payment and Copublishing services for game publishers and other service providers in South East Asia.


Achiko Platform: Aims to transform AchikoPay along with its roadmap for applications and social features, to fulfil the group’s goals for Things to Do, and Reasons to Stay.


Shop: Miscellaneous goods and services to support the game publishers on the Platform in Indonesia.

Teman Sehat: Comprehensive ecosystem solution for governments to restore confidence and bring business back in the Covid-19 environment, by supporting Testing and Contact Tracing initiatives globally.