​​COVID-19: Our focus continues to be on the wellbeing of our company and all our stakeholders

JAKARTA AND ZURICH, 26 March 2020 - COVID-19 affects us all. From our customers and partners to our employees and their families to all our stakeholders. We are doing our part to contribute to the collective goal of flattening the curve by advising our valued team to practice physical distancing and limit their movement. To this end, every team member is working safely from home.

As a company operating on a global scale, we have taken all necessary steps to safeguard our platform services.  This was a seamless transition as we normally utilize digital workflows and are able to continue working without any disruption to our strategic plans or product development in order to preserve shareholder value. We will continue these initiatives as long as required.

Should you have any questions or concerns in this matter please do get in touch with us at ir@achiko.co.

The Achiko Team