Steven Goh

Steven is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded/cofounded 3 companies that have led in financial services and in social networking. Migme (2006) was an early leader in mobile and social networking, and with a reach to tens of millions of feature phone users. Sanford Securities (1995) was Australia’s first online stockbroker and led in online financial services in Australia and recognized globally.

Over the past 25 years, he has had the honor to work with top tier venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and across Asia, with meaningful Strategics (including some of the largest companies in the world), dozens of incubators and hundreds of other startups, Stock Exchanges, Investment Banks, etc.

During this time, he has developed extensive experience in developing and commercialising compelling internet services for social, consumers & finance. He has worked professionally in chartered accounting, stockbroking and investment banking, and in consulting to a wide range of financial institutions in Australia, Asia, and Europe. And he maintains an avid interest in a range of computing languages and systems architecture. A consequence of his professional experience, he has also been involved in a few hundred capital issues and transactions for over USD$1bn, including raising over USD$100m for companies that he himself has founded and led.

Steven has won numerous professional and business awards. He has extensive private and public board experience, is a frequent speaker at conferences in Silicon Valley, Europe, Asia, & Australia, and has appeared on Wall St Journal, Australian Financial Review, CNBC, Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg and many others.

Allen Wu


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Kenneth Ting

Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Young

Chief Operating Officer

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