Shannon Chang
VP of Corporate Development

Shannon has extensive experience in adtech and gaming across international markets. She joined as an early employee at Chartboost, the first games-only mobile ad network backed by Sequoia Capital, TransLink Capital, and SK Telecom Ventures to grow the APAC business and managed business with some of Asia's biggest gaming companies including Tencent, Netease, Elex Tech, Tap4Fun, and RenRen. At Linekong Entertainment, she was the Head of Partnerships and Game Publishing tasked to build deal-flow for the third-party game publishing division globally, develop partnerships with key stakeholders such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube Gaming, and license entertainment properties from top Hollywood studios including 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, and Lionsgate.

Allen Wu


Allen Wu was born 1963 in Xiamen, China.  He entered Beijing University in 1980 for studies in international economics then in 1984 studies in international cultural exchange.  MORE>>

Kenneth Ting

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth has extensive experience in the commercialization of technology. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law with First Class Honours from Adelaide University and MORE>>

Chris Young

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Young is a delivery focused senior executive in financial services, investment banking and wealth management MORE>>

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